My name is Layal. I’m 5 years and 6 months. I was completely normal, I could walk, speak and do all the stuff that newborns should do. When I was 1 year and 3 months (4/3/2014) I had the flu.


My parents went to many doctors and hospitals. They said I had a virus in my stomach.They gave me the medicine that they give to all babies. At 3am I got a fever. My parents took me to the hospital, they did nothing, just gave me pain killer (Iburfen). We went home again, I started vomiting.

My mom tried to call the hospital and then called the pharmacy. They sent me Zafron amb. I slept, I thought I’m okay now. At 7am I drank milk. I drank it all.

At 7.15 am (my turning point) I went into a COMA, yes a coma. I was so, so scared. We went to a hospital. They took me and I didn’t know what was happening. I was in another world. You want to know what happened? I got a virus, and very rare (Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy). I have lost my consciousness for 2 months.

In this two months I don’t feel anything. After that, I started to regain my consciousness again. Here is the harsh part of the story, my parents discovered that I can’t see. I became blind. Also I can’t move at all even my fingers. We went out of the hospital and returned to our home.

My parents life was miserable. I was so afraid, I didn’t recognize anything, just my mom’s heart beats.


After 3 months I started to see again and it was a miracle. I can see my mom again.

We went to a physiotherapist and started to have an intensive sessions. Now I can move all my body. I can sit, crawl and stand alone for almost 1 minute and take three steps and I can walk by my walker and guess what I can run very fast.

I started to speak and make a 2 words sentence now I speak Arabic fluently and understands English and speaks English a little. I go to a normal school. I have a lot of friends that I love them so much.

Maybe now I spend half of my day with doctors and doing exercises but I’m very satisfied.

I never lost hope to finish this trip. I enjoy every second of my life.

 I believe that I can make it again and walk alone again.. keep me in your prayers 💜follow my page on Instagram please 👇🏼


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