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Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy is a disease characterized by encephalopathy ensued by varying degrees of brain injury. ANE usually follows an acute, mostly viral, infection. Influenza is the leading associated virus. The symptoms of the viral infection (fever, respiratory infection, and gastroenteritis, among others) are followed by seizures, disturbance of consciousness that may rapidly progress to a coma, liver problems and neurological deficits.

Fate Whispers to the Warrior, “You can not withstand the Storm” and the Warrior whispers back, “I am the Storm”.


ANE International constantly strives to raise the profile of ANE to the public and medical communities. #ANEawareness #ANEandUs


ANE International offers a thriving community of members from all over the world.


Our aim is share our knowledge and experiences, both in the acute and rehabilitation stages.

We would like to thank the very talented Mara from Italy who created the artwork for our Logo and other work on this site.

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ANE International is administered by volunteer members of our ANE community.  The information in this website is intended as a general information/ discussion guideline only. It should never be construed as medical advice. For further information contact your local health care provider.
We are pleased to be a partner with Rare Connect, a safe environment where rare disease patients can connect with others globally. RareConnect is a safe environment where privacy is respected and where trusted information is shared via real patient representatives.
ANE International proudly supports Rare Disease Day which is held on the 29th February every year.