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It is not often that ANE is featured in any newspaper or magazine articles, here we present some from around the world. As the links may be removed at any time, please let us know if one is not working for you. Thank you.

Special students and their extraordinary families.

Alunos especiais e suas famílias extraordinárias

3o April 2019

A Severe Case of the Flu Leaves 2-Year-Old With a 50/50 Chance of Survival

By Kaitlin Stanford

From cafe mom. April 1 2019


Children Suffer Brain Damage From Seasonal Flu in China's Guangdong

While the overall number of confirmed cases of influenza has fallencompared with last year, there has been an increase in the number ofnotifications of necrotizing encephalitis, a complication from viral fever sometimes found in children, reports said.

Radio Free Asia

January 2019

4-Year-Old Boy Develops Rare Brain-Damaging Disease After Contracting The Flu

By Allan Adamson

26 December 2018

Boy, 4, fighting for life with rare brain disease after docs mistook symptoms for ‘stomach bug’

By Andrea Downey

March 2018

The Sun

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