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It is not often that ANE is featured in any newspaper or magazine articles, here we present a few from around the world. As the links may be removed at any time, please let us know if one is not working for you. Thank you.


Two-year-old girl Lucy DeLuis, who died from flu, inspiration for world-first research

Two-year-old girl Lucy DeLuis, who died from flu, inspiration for world-first research.

The West Australian – Monday 28th October 2019

Eastbourne parents hold fundraiser to show support for children’s charity after baby girl became critically ill.

Sophie was a healthy 11-month-old baby until she was struck down with flu, and developed a rare brain condition, Acute Necrotising Encephalitis, which has left her with severe brain damage and multiple disabilities.

Special students and their extraordinary families.
Alunos especiais e suas famílias extraordinárias
3o April 2019

4-Year-Old Boy Develops Rare Brain-Damaging Disease After Contracting The Flu

By  Tech Times

A Severe Case of the Flu Leaves 2-Year-Old With a 50/50 Chance of Survival

By Kaitlin Stanford
From cafe mom. April 1 2019


The Dayton Dragons and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been partnering since 2004 to bring Dragons fans the heartwarming Home Run for Life program. Each season, Anthem and the Dragons recognize five brave children who, with the help of their families, physicians and health care team, are presently battling or have successfully overcome significant medical events in their young life.

Genetic Mutation Causes Familial Susceptibility For Degenerative Brain Disease

The Comeback Kid

The flu bug hit 3-year-old Jase so hard he ended up on life support, fighting for his life.

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