My dear and amazing friend, Eleonora Passeri  tells me that the video, you will see below is all mine…  her words: you are amazing, I just collected and pull together your beauty and strength!

My friend is quite humble, it takes a great amount of perception and motivation to be able to pull all of these resources together and to celebrate a global Mother’s Day. For families, she has never met in person. She works diligently & selflessly on our projects.

Here’s what she wrote:

Today I am really excited. Here is the final “product” of the Mother’s day project I have been working on and asking you for pics.
I will be make a post tomorrow on Universal Mankind and my other socials, BUT I wanted to share it NOW with you!
Hope you do not mind if I have used your pics in this way, but I thought music and images would say much more than me and my poor brain.
I got really emotional when I saw it earlier this morning and it was very “moving for me work on that yesterday” for obvious reason.
Carlotta Masci picked the music based on your images.

Hope you are all fine with the youtube share…I got the idea on Friday night while I was working on TSC music project.

Dedicated to you all, you really changed my life.
Amanda Riggs Rackerby Anne Lawlor Chris McCarty Rachel QS Kim SmithArianna Calzolari Gina Zanik Benita Penfold Marie James Veronica Popa

A special thanks to the artists as well Mara Pianosi Alessia TorregrossaSergio Ziggiotto Silvia Rosati @Camilla Gubbiotti and a super special thank you to Carlotta Masci Pianist!