Oliver’s Story

Our son Oliver was struck down with Acute Necrotising Encephalopathy of Childhood (ANEC) this is a rare condition. On the 20th February 2016, Oliver was only three and a half years old. He was rushed into Accident and Emergency Department in Oxford because he had a seizure at home. The outcome was a Severe Acquired Brain Injury. Before all this happened Oliver was a happy go lucky fabulous little boy who loved running around in the garden, eating his favourite foods, watching his favourite TV programs, and telling us all sorts of story’s, He was such a happy little lad. To this date Oliver has had 5 Lumber Punctures, 119 Cannula Insertion, 4 Electroencephalogram (EEG), 4 MRI scan and 6 CT scans and on 6 types of very strong medication for seizures and body stiffness. Oliver has ended up having seizures , Four-limb motor disorder/ Cerebral Palsy with dystonic and choreoathetoid movements.


A Dad's Perspective